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7 Avocado Benefits For Your Hair and Skin

Posted on 19 May 2016

7 avocado benefits for your skin | Beauty Wellbeing Blog

Want amazing hair and skin?

Add avocados to your diet!

Here are 7 of the avocado's many benefits for your hair and skin.

1. Firmer Skin

A whole avocado contains in average 10 grams of fibers important to maintain skin's firmness and preventing it from sagging or aging.

2. Control Acne and Skin Breakouts

Avocados are rich in vitamin C, E, K, magnesium folic acid, and potassium essential to effectively control acne and regulate skin breakouts. 60% of the fat in avocados is monosaturated and contains no cholesterol. Unsaturated fats are heart-healthy and scientists believe that healthy fats help maintain the water level in your body. This translates into strong hydration, less itchy skin and scalp and a healthy-looking hair and glowing skin.

3. Reduce Wrinkles and Even Skin Tone

Avocados are rich in anti-agents reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving the skin soft and supple. They also protect the skin/hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun, reducing age spots and giving a more even skin-tone. 

Beauty Wellbeing Tip: Add cocoa butter to help lightening scars and spots and get a more radiant skin tone.

4. Shinier Hair

Your hair needs proteins, and healthy fats and avocados are excellent sources of healthy fats, omega-3, and vitamin B.

5. Nourished Hydrated Skin

Avocado oil gets easily absorbed into the skin and penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it cleansed, nourished and soft. It also helps to accelerate new cell regeneration and promotes blood circulation. Check our homemade avocado face mask recipe.

6. Stimulate Hair Growth, Frizz Control, and Hair loss

Avocados are well known for stimulating hair growth and controlling hair loss. This fruit is an excellent hair conditioner providing a soft, healthy looking hair. Check out this amazing Avocado Hair and Skin Mask for dry, damaged hair that provides frizz control, silkier looking hair and hair growth.

7. Scalp Moisturizer

Dry scalp is a common ailment that we are all quite probably familiar. Avocado oil penetrates deeply into the epidermis layer providing instant hydration. Also stimulates hair follicles, increasing blood circulation and cell regeneration. This amazing oil also detangles hair without leaving it greasy. Learn how to make your own avocado oil at home with this DIY Avocado Oil Recipe.

Beauty Wellbeing Tip: Start by washing your hair with Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioners. Rinse and Dry Hair. Then apply avocado oil to the roots and the scalp. Extra tip, apply to the ends to prevent split ends.

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