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3 Easy Hair Summer Care Tips

Posted on 06 June 2017

Summer Hair Care Tips | Beauty Wellbeing Shop

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For most of us out there, it’s hard to keep up with our hair year round, and with the summer time approaching quickly, those of us with dry, frizzy hair are desperately on the hunt for those holy-grail haircare products!

From dehydration to extra frizz and damage, the sun’s intense effects on our hair can seem to be too much to handle, but maintaining a solid, consistent haircare routine can aid in keeping our locks luscious, smooth, and healthy when out in the sun.



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Step 1: Finding a Moisturizing Shampoo


The bright sun does a good job of drying out our hair, so it’s important to nourish locks and add some of that moisture back in. When hair gets dry enough, our roots can become immensely dehydrated, leading to uncomfortable and unsightly peeling scalp and dandruff. A good, moisturizing shampoo can help with that pesky sun damage, as well as hold in the healthy amount of moisture we need to prevent dry, itchy scalps.

A great hydrating shampoo is the Tea Tree Special Shampoo from Paul Mitchell. Along with hydrating ingredients like jojoba seed oil and soothing lavender, the added tea tree oil can keep your hair refreshingly clean and can truly quench the most dehydrated hair out there.

Another great option is the L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo, a lactic acid infused shampoo that transforms dry, damaged hair and improves its overall texture. What’s so special about lactic acid is its great ability to relax and smooth hair, making it more manageable and giving back that once lost hydration.

Whether you’re looking to hydrate your hair or keep it healthy, a moisturizing shampoo can greatly contribute to your summer haircare routine.

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Step 2: Using a Nourishing Conditioner


Using a conditioner for hair can be an extremely important step to add when dealing with damaged hair in the summertime. Because our hair cannot repair itself alone, we have to work on taking the initiative and adding all that moisture and hydration back in. A great conditioner that can feed your hair with beneficial, restoring ingredients can help give even the most damaged roots some life.

TIGI’s Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Nourishing Conditioner is a great option to consider when trying to find a hydrating hair product. While helping to restore hair, this conditioner can also help control frizz and add a beautiful shine.

Now, repeated usage is necessary for results when it comes to most conditioners, but it isn’t always essentially needed to condition hair every single day. Similar to how skin works, too much moisture in hair can cause it to overcompensate and dry it out even more; with the powerful hydrating effects of conditioner, using it once or twice a week, at most, can be just enough to add a healthy amount of moisture to sun-damaged, dry hair.


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Step 3: Adding the Extra Steps


Although great shampoos and conditioners can help with dry hair in the summer, some of us find that we need to add one more step in order to actually see great results right away. A huge problem that can come with the summer sun is frizzy hair, something that is visibly noticeable and bothersome to those wanting to feel confident under the sun. When just shampooing and conditioning isn’t enough, adding a serum, styling product, or hair mask can benefit hair greatly, especially when it comes to frizz.  

The TIGI Bed Head Rock Out Shine Blaster can mask the harshest hair frizz, helping maintain that smooth, naturally beautiful hair we all hope to have during the summer. Controlling breakage and split-ends, this product can be a total miracle for damaged hair, especially out in the sun, and it can be used daily without adding too much hydration.

As for hair masks, they can be extremely important to use every now and then or whenever hair needs the most repair. To correct the appearance of damaged or weakened hair, applying a strong mask can aid in getting more of that lost moisture back into roots, leaving comfortable, hydrated hair.

The L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Pro-Keratin Refill Correcting Care Mask instantly corrects the appearance of sun-damaged hair, leaving it feeling entirely protected and nourished. Like conditioners, hair masks should be used less often; application once a week can be the perfect final step in a summer haircare routine.

Haircare in the summertime can seem like a struggle, but finding the right products and maintaining a steady routine can leave hair looking and feeling beautiful and comfortable. With the great amount of damage the sun can have on roots, using the most nourishing, hydrating products in your regimen can transform dull, dry locks into the fresh, smooth, and healthy hair you’ve always wanted under the sun!



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