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4 Fabulous Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party

Posted on 23 September 2017

4 Fabulous Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party | Beauty Wellbeing Online Discount Store

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As the maid of honor, one of your sole biggest responsibilities is planning the perfect send-off for the bride to be. A great bachelorette party requires careful planning and paying attention to little details that will make this ‘last night as a single gal’ truly memorable.


In the sea of regular party ideas that usually include T-shirts with witty signs and more often than not a veil and a tiara, you should definitely stand out.

Sure, throwing an original party is a bit more work, but the result is a spectacular event that the bride (as well as the entire bridal party) will remember forever.

Now, the key to planning a killer bachelorette party is knowing the bride – her tastes, interests, style and what she thinks constitutes a-rockin' night out.


So, pay close attention, because we’re about to dazzle you with some of the most original ideas, and one of them is guaranteed to get the inspiration juices flowing.


4 Fabulous Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party - spice girls | Beauty Wellbeing Online Discount Store

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A blast from the past

When you know your bride has a thing for all things reminiscent of the nineties, you have no other choice than to throw a shindig that will be a total ‘90s throwback. Recreate some of the most iconic outfits worn by nineties’ divas like Britney in Hit Me Baby One More Time, Beyoncé in Say My Name, or even Spice Girls. You can assign a different ‘spice’ look to each member of the bachelorette party squad and dress the bride in Posh Spice, because let’s face it – she was the most glamorous of them all. You can either have a private party in someone’s apartment or book a small venue for a private party where only nineties hits will be played and of course, body glitter and platform shoes will be mandatory. Don’t forget about the neon makeup and maybe even some neon temporary hair dye – the throwback isn’t complete without conspicuous highlights.


4 Fabulous Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party witches theme | Beauty Wellbeing Online Discount Store

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A glance into the future

Step into the mystical and slightly gothic world of Ouija boards, tarot card, and palm readings and see what the future holds. Create a darker mood, preferably in your home. Think in terms of Halloween, but toned down. Dress the bride up in a black gothic corset, a long lace and satin skirt and don’t be stingy with the eyeliner and black lipstick. Embrace your dark and mystical side, and take turns asking questions regarding the future. You can even make it a little naughty and playful and ask kinky questions from your Ouija board or the psychic you hire – after all, it’s not a bachelorette party if there’s not something naughty about it.


4 Fabulous Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party just having fun | Beauty Wellbeing Online Discount Store

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Girls just wanna have fun

If your bride has no intention of wearing a traditional wedding dress on the big day - check out these 4 perfect bridal accessories and 7 gift ideas here-, buy the ugliest, puffiest wedding dress you can find and make her wear it. It will be a hilarious moment for all of you, seeing a person who never wears dresses in the ‘ultimate’ dress. The bridal party can take inspiration from Rachel in Friends and dress up in the ugliest bridesmaids’ dresses there are. You can have a photographer and set an ‘ugly dress’ photo-shoot after which it’s mandatory to hit the town and clubs in that get up; what’s the point of making a mockery of tradition if there’s no one to see it? You can even take it up a notch and go see a drag queen show – no better time to do so than when dressed like you are. 


4 Fabulous Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party survival of the fittest

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Survival of the fittest

Some brides are bolder than others, so if the bride in question is keen on adventure time and doesn’t like anything girlie, then your job is to take her on an adventure of a lifetime. Book a trapeze class or go zip lining, camping, play paintball – there is a huge number of adventurous activities for everyone to enjoy, and in the evening, you can gather around a campfire and have a game night that can even be turned into a drinking game. For instance, ask the bride personal questions about her future husband and if she doesn’t know the answer, she drinks. On the other hand, every time she answers correctly, everyone else drinks. It will be a perfect ending of your outdoorsy neighbor.

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