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4 Myths About Women and Weight Lifting Debunked

Posted on 07 February 2017

In this age of information overdose, people are getting bombarded with all kinds of facts and figures. Some are quite true and proven right while others are vague and mere hypothesis. When it comes to health and fitness, this confusion almost amplifies.


4 myths about women and weight lifting strength training debunked | Beauty Wellbeing

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In the muscle world, especially if you are a newcomer, it is very confusing to decide and filter out the information which is right and good for you. Therefore, here are 4 of many myths that people wanting to connect with their muscles need to know about, especially beginners:


1. Women become bulkier by strength training


Women do not have the genetic makeup or the required testosterone levels to build up large muscles. No doubt there are those bulky female bodybuilders with large muscles, but that is a result of something completely different – for instance using anabolic steroids, eating very high and measured protein diets and basically devoting their lives to building muscles, but not only strength training.


This myth is especially targeted towards women lifting heavier weights which are again completely untrue. Lifting weights helps in building muscles and at the same time helps in losing weight hence, resulting in a lean and strong body.


Cardio exercises help loosing weight? Myths about weight lifting | Beauty Wellbeing

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2. Cardio exercises like running and swimming help lose more weight


Losing weight is mainly about controlling the calories taken in and burning more than you consume. Then comes exercise. Cardio is a great way to loose fat, but sadly it also makes you lose muscles. As your muscles decrease in size, metabolism decreases as well, leading to slower weight loss.


Therefore, it is very important to maintain your muscles while losing weight which can be achieved via doing the right strength training exercises.


4 myths about women and weight lifting strength training debunked (2)| Beauty Wellbeing


3. The more tired and sweaty you are after a workout the better your workout was


Basically, this myth means that unless you do not feel like you have killed yourself, you are not working out enough. This is not true.


Like everything in this world, it is important to exercise smartness in this aspect of life too. If your workout till you drop every day, there is a high chance that you might end up injuring yourself. Therefore, moderation is the key.


4 myths about women and weight lifting strength training debunked (3)| Beauty Wellbeing

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4. Fat is the main culprit for weight gain


Your body only converts calories to fat for storage when you consume more calories than you burn. These calories do not only have to be derived from fat but also from other nutrients like proteins and carbs.


Healthy fats from vegetable oils, fish, avocado, and nuts, can actually make you feel full for longer and protect you from consuming more calories. Therefore, a well-balanced diet which does not eliminate any food group but has a healthy combination of all is key to fueling your body in just the right way.


Now that these myths have been busted for you do not wait too long to hit the gym and start working out those muscles to achieve your fitness goals.



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