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5 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted on 28 May 2017

5 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas | Beauty Wellbeing Carolyn

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Father’s Day can provide a nice mid year highlight for our dads, not just for the love we shower on them, but also the presents we throw their way. But what’s the best gift for those male influences in our lives? There’s no one answer since obviously all dads are different. However, we’re here today to throw some ideas out there for what to get dad on his day.


Read on to discover the five best gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day.


5 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas | Beauty Wellbeing Carolyn 2

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1. A Nice Button-Up Shirt


It’s true that not all our men wear button-up shirts for their day job, but getting dad a nice button-up shirt for Father’s Day can provide a good incentive for the next trip to his favorite Italian restaurant downtown.


There are obviously many great places—from department stores like Macy’s to designer chains like Express to even specific tailors—to get dad a crisp, new shirt, but what’s important is of course focusing on what he likes. What’s his favorite color? His favorite style? These are important things to consider.


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2. A New Watch


Who doesn’t like a good watch? You probably see a lot of men whip out their smartphones to check the time as they’re on their way to work and your dad may be just like them.


It might be time to consider getting him a new watch. You could go for a simple new digital watch or you could for a totally fancy watch that tells the time in all timezones and is waterproof.


Again: it all depends on dad’s taste, whether it’s down to earth or cutting edge.


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3. A Brand New Cookbook


Sure, some of our moms can be the queen of the kitchen and never let us (or especially dad) touch the stove with a ten foot pole. But obviously that’s not how all families work. Sometimes dad takes care of culinary duties. And while it’s great to foster his sense of creativity in the kitchen, some inspiration can be nice too. This is why a cookbook could be a great idea as a gift for this next Father’s Day.


The kind of cookbook you get for your dad largely depends on what kind of cook he is. Is he known for his sauces? Try a saucier’s guide. Does he grill? There are plenty of grilling-based cookbooks out there. Or maybe he’s a whiz at stir fry dishes? Maybe go for a wok-based cookbook. Just pay attention to what he makes next time he cooks dinner and you’ll have your answer.


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4. A New Tie


This is the real classic Father’s Day gift: a new tie. And why not? Whether it’s for work, or a formal event, or just a nice dinner out on the town with the family, a tie has wide variety of versatile uses for a man. There’s such a swath of colors and styles out there that it’s impossible to say right out what the right one for your dad might be. Like everything on this list, it largely depends on your dad’s tastes or needs.


Does he go for the long skinny tie or the wide short tie? Does he like bow ties? Sneak a peak in his closet or dresser to see what you might find.


Also, not every man knows the difference between a half-Windsor or Ediety knot, let alone how to tie them, so it might do to get him a tie with a pre-tied knot like from innovative tie company GoTie.


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5. A New Razor


Another Father’s Day gift mainstay. While not all men can grow fantastic beards that need constant trimming, most do need a clean shave every now and then. Depending on how much hair your dad grows on his face, you could get him an electric razor that trims at various lengths or go for the old fashioned safety razor. If you go with the latter, it’s recommended that you include some nice shaving cream as well.


These are only five ideas of literally hundreds of gift ideas for this upcoming Father’s Day. However, these are five tried and true classics that any son or daughter should consider when shopping for dear old dad.



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