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5 Benefits of Garlic for Your Health & Well-being

Posted on 30 August 2017

 5 Garlic Benefits | Beauty Wellbeing Shop

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Although this herb may have a peculiar smell and a strong taste, there are many health benefits attached to it.

The most vital chemical compound present in garlic is allicin, which is a great therapeutic ingredient with several medicinal qualities. The allicin compound in garlic contains sulfur, which is the reason for its peculiar smell and odd taste.

Garlic has been used in medicines for centuries, and it has a ton of health benefits.


Read on some of garlic amazing benefits for your health and well-being: 


5 Garlic Benefits | Beauty Wellbeing Shop (diabetes)

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1 - Helps Fight Diabetes

Diabetes is harmful to kidneys, it disrupts the nervous system functions, causes heart disorders, and can even lead to bad eyesight. The oil which is extracted from garlic protects people from suffering from diabetics and prevents the above side effects.

5 Garlic Benefits | Beauty Wellbeing Shop (cholesterol)

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2 - Reduces cholesterol levels

There are two kinds of cholesterol –LDL, and HDL, LDL is bad for our health. Garlic which is rich in allicin compounds helps to effectively prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. People who have high levels of cholesterol must include this vital herb in their daily diet plan.

5 Garlic Benefits | Beauty Wellbeing Shop (eye care)

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3 - Eye Care

Garlic is also rich in nutrients like vitamin C, Quercetin, and Selenium. All of them help in treating eye swelling and infections.

5 Garlic Benefits | Beauty Wellbeing Shop (digestion)

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4 - Improved Digestion

Daily use of garlic in your diet helps to eliminate all sorts of digestive problems. This herb aids in the proper functioning of the intestines which is good for your digestion. You can even cure irritation or swelling of the gastric canal with just adding fresh garlic to your meals, as a treatment.

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5 - Controls Blood Pressure

Garlic is the best herbal ingredient to treat hypertension and high blood pressure. Add garlic to your meals to reduce high levels of blood pressure. The allicin compound present in garlic helps relax primary blood vessels. Garlic is also great to combat thrombosis by lowering platelet aggregation.


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