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7 Anti-Aging Tips For Your Skin

Posted on 08 December 2017

7 Anti-Aging Tips

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Yes, everyone is curious about everlasting, younger-looking skin. In this pursuit, signs of aging after their thirties is a major hurdle. However, the formula for dodging these could be as close as your cabinet.


The secret lies in the skincare and the anti-aging products you use. Eating habits, lifestyle habits and of course taking appropriate measures can create an incredible difference in your complexion and help you to prevent those dreaded lines.


We’ve rounded up some of the best anti-aging tips for your skin that will make you realize that it’s never too late to start with a good skin care regimen.


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1. Cut Down Your Sun Exposure

Unfortunately, according to dermatological studies, UV rays are subjected to one of the top causes that trigger anti-aging. Sun damage tend to lower collagen that results in the disappearance of jaw-lines and wrinkles. Good news is that you can use sunscreen and sunblock to lessen the effect of the harsh rays of the sun. And, we’ve got the perfect solution - try out our facial sun-care product range.


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2. Use Gentle Face Cleansers and Washes

It is recommended that you only use good quality facial cleansers and washes that leave your skin moisturized, soft and hydrated after washing. For this, we invite you to try out the Marula Oil Skin Care products. These babies are purely organic and are made from 100% natural Marula oil. Or try our Natural Organic Product Range. You can use it alongside a mild skin cleanser and facial wash to obtain a healthy, moisturized appearance.


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3. Eat Healthy To Avoid Signs of Aging

You know what they say, "You are what you eat". This phrase can be directly related to the health of your skin. No matter what cream or skincare product you use, if you eat junk, you know what goes after.

A healthy diet not only eliminates fine lines and wrinkles but also plays a vital role in enhancing the health of your skin. By eating fruits and vegetables packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins your skin will get an instant age-rewind in no time!

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4. Use Nourishing Anti-Aging Skin Creams

As we age, our skin oil glands get weaker and become less active. Experts recommend a rich and nourishing moisturizer that minimizes wrinkles and hydrates it from the lowest layer.  These help trap water inside your oil glands and release it as your skin requires. Try them!


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5. Use Skin-friendly Supplements

While there are a lot of skin-friendly supplements packed with omega-three that can be used to prevent fine lines, there is also seafood that is packed with these essential fatty acids such as Salmon, Pegasus, and Trout. By consuming these, you can help your skin stay moist, hydrated which will result in a brighter complexion and a youthful glow. Although a lot of people are allergic to seafood, experts recommend consuming fish and cod liver oil (in moderation). It can be consumed as a seasoning on salads and other edibles. These “condiments” activate the skin’s lipids and in return give suppleness and smoothness to your face.


7 anti aging tips | beauty wellbeing blog

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6. Take Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep can make wonders to your skin and prevents early signs of aging.  If you sleep well, you are not on an urge to produce the sleep-deprived hormone cortisol.  Taking enough sleep helps remove skin inflammation making it look fresh and healthy. It also enhances your immunity system and helps regulate the skin healing system that ultimately reflects in the prevention of wrinkles. The process of healing and repairing damaged skin cells occurs during high-quality sleep (also known as the Rapid Eye Movement - REM state).


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7. Take Appropriate Night Skin Care Measures

Using the right skincare does not need to be hectic nor expensive, especially if you've got the right products and you know how to use them. Protecting your skin from the UV rays during the day is also very important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't give night care equal importance. Before going to bed make sure to remove all the makeup, clean your face with a gentle cleanser, and apply your favorite night moisturizer. This way, your skin will remain hydrated all night and avoid any dryness.


Hope you've enjoyed these tips to lessen or eliminate signs of aging. They are easy, simple, cheap, effective and you can start implementing them right away


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