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Are You Really What You Wear?

Posted on 02 April 2017

 Are You Really What You Wear? | Beauty Wellbeing

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Clothes we wear inevitably reveal a lot about who we are, without us even being aware of that fact. Those are indicators of our behavior, attitudes, personal interests, and even personalities, but are they really accurate in defining us as humans? Stay with us and find out the truth!


Our clothes truly reveal a lot about who we are.


The truth is that our fashion choices actually give a very realistic insight into our secret desires, which was proved by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner – a psychoanalyst of closets who conducted a significant study on this issue.


Even though we often think that we can hide behind our clothes, the reality is, in fact, a bit different. It’s highly likely that our fashion choices tell others about the most intimate parts of ourselves, instead of camouflaging them. 


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Dr. Baumgartner claims that clothes we wear reveal what’s going on internally and that our deepest emotions and thoughts are buried in our closets. She also says that women often tend to make mistakes like buying too many clothes, opting exclusively for designer labels, or they are living in their workout clothes, and she describes that as getting stuck in a style rut.


Do clothes really make a man?

We all know that our clothes say a lot about us, but do they really make us as individuals? Well, the answer can be both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. First of all, clothes we wear inform other people about our own ambitions, feelings, type of employment, and even spending habits so that passers-by can form a mental image of ourselves as individuals. But, are those images accurate, and can they really be related to our personality and character? Not necessarily. Even though our shopping behavior is rooted in some internal motivations, such as culture and previous experiences, there’s more to our fashion choices.


Let’s talk about those women who dress either too young or too old for their age, as well as those who pick either too big or too small clothes for their size. The truth is that people often think negatively of women who dress like that, simply because their look is inappropriate. However, the truth is that these women often have specific psychological issues that date back to their tough childhood or even some sort of abuse – either physical or mental. In this case, the answer is ‘no’ – clothes don’t necessarily make a man, but are largely influenced by their past experiences.


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Clothes as a connection between our personalities and interests


Young people have found a way to successfully represent themselves in the best possible way – through their fashion choices. Clothes they pick often tell a lot about their personal interests – music they love listening to, films they like watching, or some hobbies or sports they enjoy practicing. However, it doesn’t end right there – they love to structure their closets based on their life philosophies and spiritual aspects, which inevitably shows in their everyday outfits.


Besides that, clothes they pick send a message to other people who have similar interests, which turns out to be as a great icebreaker at the beginning of a meeting or a party. Even though a lot of young women love picking some feminine designs, such as high heels, romantic dresses, and floral prints, some other girls simply adore punk rock style that features leather Doc Martens boots and some quirky garments. No matter which group you belong to, you can definitely find your way to express your interests thanks to the fashion choices and clothes you pick.


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As you can see, there are a lot of facts which prove that we actually are what we wear in terms of showing our personalities, attitudes, interests, and behavior through clothes we choose. Just remember that the most important thing about clothes is that you feel comfortable wearing them – if you feel like yourself, that’s it!


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