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Beauty and Fashion Predictions for 2018

Posted on 02 February 2018

Beauty Trends 2018 (8) | Beauty Wellbeing

It’s never too early to start diving in into the beauty and fashion trends we’ll be salivating over in 2018, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. In observing the fashion scene of 2017 and carefully following up with the already-showcased designs and beauty trends, we’ve had the opportunity to see the most prominent, awe-inspiring, beautiful elements and pieces that’ll get us going throughout 2018. In that manner, we’re talking the following:


Beauty predictions

Get ready to embrace a totally healthy lifestyle that will leave you vigorous, happy and absolutely obsessed with the fabulous glow of your skin.


Fashion & Beauty Trends 2018 | Beauty Wellbeing

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“Clean” will replace “natural”

With such an obsession with health and wellness that’s been trending for the past few years, our whole approach to mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing has drastically changed. Along with the inclusion of regular fitness and healthy foods in our lives, we are now looking at clean products, relieved of potentially negative elements (whether ingested or topical). Beauty experts will be very vocal about the distinction between “clean” and “natural”, as clean cosmetics will be one free of ingredients like parabens, sulfates and silicon which are part of most “natural” products.


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Your beauty regime will be simplified

While there’ll still be obsession over Korean beauty influence, 2018 will be all about simplification of our beauty regimens with just as much impact. Multi-purpose products will take dominance over multi-step skincare processes, with 3-in-1 beauty products taking the spotlight. Basically, 2018 beauty consumerism will be about using one product to clean, exfoliate and moisturize your face and the whole process will take way shorter than your regular routine.


Fashion & Beauty Trends 2018 (3)| Beauty Wellbeing

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Easy is replacing exaggerated

Although we’ve been seeing a lot of contouring throughout 2016 and 2017, the year 2018 will be all about simplified makeup processes with as little makeup as possible. Organic and mineral makeup will be the ultimate hit, just as it has been at the end of 2017. We’re expecting a lot of new makeup techniques from our favorite celebrity makeup artists.


Fashion predictions

It’s not that we’re totally surprised with the trends coming our way, but we are kind of flabbergasted that things are THIS different from 2017. So, this is what’s happening.


Beauty Trends 2018 (4)| Beauty Wellbeing


Sequin is the new naked

We were absolutely salivating over “naked” throughout 2017, but sexiness is now getting a new form. Unlike the “too much revealed” modus that ruled 2017 (both color and the actual nakedness), the cuts of 2018 are concealing the body and relying on a lot of sequin and shine. The exotic aspect of it is very thrilling and we can’t wait to see all its street forms.


Beauty Trends 2018 (5)| Beauty Wellbeing

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Scrunchies are in again… in a way

One of our favorite throwback accessories: the scrunchie is having a comeback and kind of replacing dad hats everyone was obsessed with in 2017. This chunky hair accessory is going to be included in all kinds of outfits (both elegant and street) and is expected to become the favorite piece among twentysomethings.


Beauty Trends 2018 (6) | Beauty Wellbeing

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Mashed-up prints are the new fabric obsession

2018 will be all about happiness, joy and optimism, and what better way to introduce it in our lives than have the emotions showcased on our clothes! A range of ultra-bright colors, clashing prints, exotic patterns and seemingly mismatched graphics will be all we’re obsessed with, especially in ladies’ outwear. Intricate women’s clothing in a beautiful cut and an even more spectacular fabric will awe everyone around you.


Beauty Trends 2018 (7)| Beauty Wellbeing

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Cargo pants are the new jeans

At the very end of 2017, we’ve witnessed an obvious denim slowdown which, in all honesty, isn’t that surprising at all as denim has been used and reused in every way possible – from insanely oversized and appliquéd jackets to jeans ripped to their bare seams. So, instead of denim, we’re getting cargo pants in khaki, camouflage, and army green. We’ve already spotted Kim K wear the trend, so it must be happening!

Enjoy 2018 beauty and fashion trends with delight and find your own voice among everything we’ll be seeing around. P.S. Send us the pics!




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