Brace your skin, winter is coming | Beauty Wellbeing Blog


Brace your skin, winter is coming

Posted on 12 December 2016

Brace Your Skin, Winter is Coming | Beauty Wellbeing Blog

Winter Skincare Routine Tips


Winter Skincare Routine | Beauty Wellbeing

Brrrrr, we can almost feel the super-cold weather creeping in, and this means one thing – popping up a million boxes of popcorn and Netflixing into Christmas movie marathon! Ok, no – it’s not just that. It also means switching up our skin care routine to protect our gorgeous faces and keep that glow alive and kicking, even with the harsh winds blowing.

For all of you pretties out there, we are giving you a breakdown of things to start doing immediately in order to keep yourself looking flawless. Be advised, though, that the following advice isn’t a breakthrough of any kind, nor they are tips you haven’t heard before; they’re simply a gather-up of the best possible, years-long proven remedies for the skin that have turned out to be the best possible treatments we can turn to.

Here we go…



Exfoliating is one of the most important starting points of every skincare regimen; exfoliating properly (all you need is a clean “face” toothbrush with gentle spikes and a PH neutral soap or one of these exfoliators of your choice) will remove dead cells from your skin and make its surface smooth and glowing. Exfoliate no more than three times a week because otherwise you’ll damage the skin’s natural protective layer and mess its oil production.


Exfoliate | Beauty Wellbeing


Professional treatment if needed

A great thing with modern cosmetics and treatments is that, these days, there are treatments for virtually anything that may go wrong with your skin. We love it!

While summer definitely is the most amazing season in the year, the harsh sun may actually damage the skin, causing severe or mild melasma, brownish spots, and premature aging. In case that’s happened to your beautiful skin, don’t be reluctant to look for professional help; experts in the area will be glad to help out. 


Moisturize | Beauty Wellbeing


Stay moisturized

Just as important as exfoliating, moisturizing is very important for the skin, regardless of your skin type. Depending on your natural oiliness, you’ll use more or less moisturizer – but you’ll use it, and that’s the key. You simply have to, if you want to avoid the skin cracking under the harsh winter winds. Check out these amazing moisturizers.


Take shorter showers

Nothing feels as amazing as a hot bubble bath or hot shower in winter, right? Unfortunately, that’s precisely what we should avoid indulging in. Why? The difference in the temperature out and the one in the house (a hot shower added) will cause the skin to crack under the temperature shock. What you can do is stay true to your hot showers but as you are getting closer to the end, switch slowly to water that’s a bit colder. That way you are preparing your body (and skin) for the outside weather.


Sensitive Skin | Beauty Wellbeing

Sensitive areas

During winter, it’s not just your face you should worry about – it’s the super sensitive areas as well, like your hands and your lips. Make it a habit to always wear gloves (whenever you leave the house) and use your lip balm as often as possible. We’d also advise exfoliating the lips with some sugar (at home) to remove the chips caused by the cold weather. Use a good hand cream that’s both moisturizing and gentle, as well. Beauty Wellbeing has a great selection of hand creams and lip balms.


well being | Beauty Wellbeing


Pay attention to your well-being

While winter is all about indulging in all the gorgeous holiday food, you’ll have to chill a bit when it comes to taking that third piece of chocolate pie. We are what we eat, remember that – don’t let your skin react on your bad winter nutrition by breaking out and getting all red and irritated on you. A red chin filled with blemishes doesn’t look well on holiday photos, believe us.

Drink as much water (or teas) as possible, even when you are not thirsty; the skin needs its hydration. On top of that, water is helping the toxins get flushed out, thus helping your digestive tract function well. But you already knew that.


SPF is a must


That’s just it. Don’t leave the house without putting the right SPF on the sun-exposed parts of your skin. The winter sun is way more harsh than the summer one, so be sure to protect the skin as best as you can. Check out these amazing SPF product range to protect your hair and skin!



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