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Check Out These Cute Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Posted on 18 February 2017

Cute Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas Mia | Beauty Wellbeing

Regardless of your relationship status and plans for Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February is always a good excuse to assemble a cute outfit and flaunt your feathers through the town. The colour of red, hearts and other romantic accessories are not your only option, but they are connected to Valentine’s Day for a reason, so don’t run away from it. Whether you’re going to spend it alone, with your friends, or with your significant other, here are some of the cutest Valentine’s Day outfit ideas.


Take a walk on the romantic side

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If you decided to ditch crowded places and restaurants full of couples this Valentine’s Day, taking a walk is a nice alternative, regardless of who’s going to be your company. To keep up with a romantic theme, opt for a cute ruffled skirt – not only is it a romantic piece, but also major trend announced for spring 2017. Pair it with a simple white shirt and mild makeup (smokey eyes, for instance) to tone down the outfit. Since it’s for walking, you’ll want your feet to be comfy, so a pair of ballet flats is a must. As for the hair, think a messy bun on top of your head. Finish off with a cute clutch and you’re ready for a catwalk!


Single ladies’ night out

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Many women are terrified of being single on Valentine’s Day. However, single ladies can have so much fun on Valentine’s Day and one way to do it is to have a single ladies’ night out. Get ready to hit the clubs and conquer dance floors in a cute red dress, similar to those you can find on Style Hub. As for the materials, think omnipresent plush, sexy satin or forever-trending lace. Combine it with high heels but make sure they are comfortable – you don’t want to go home early because your feet hurt. Keep your hair wavy and your makeup impeccable and you’re good to go!


Pair fine dine with a fine wine


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If your significant other asks you on a dinner date, having a proper outfit is a must. Ladylike lace dresses will never go out of style, especially when it comes to occasions like this, so let that be your first choice. As for the colour, think beyond red – romantic pastels, sexy dark blue, and classic black are all perfectly good options for a nice dinner. Pair it with pumps to show off your killer gems and let your hair and makeup tone down the outfit. Opt for a romantic, rumpled low ponytail to get that casual yet trendy look while a subtle line of winged eyeliner will accent your eyes just enough.


Stay-at-home romance


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Good, old-fashioned, romantic nights at home will never go out of fashion since it’s the most intimate way to celebrate your love. But, just because your significant other will be the only one that will see you, that doesn’t mean you should spend the night wearing pajamas and slippers. You don’t have to dress up like you’re going to the red carpet either, but try to keep up with Valentine’s Day theme – opt for a comfy, fluffy sweater with a romantic print. You can even get your Valentine a matching one to keep it as romantic as possible. Don’t forget cute underwear – to spice things up after a nice romantic movie.


Now that we got you covered whatever your plans for the most romantic day of the year are, go ahead and start assembling your outfit. Now is your chance to pull off your cutest clothes and celebrate love the way you want!

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