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Discover the Benefits of Cassia Oil For Stronger Healthier Hair

Posted on 23 April 2017

Cassia Oil Benefits Beauty Wellbeing

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Let’s face it. We put our hair through a lot. Between treatments, colorings, straightening, curling, blow-drying, spraying, and scrunching, it is a minor miracle that we still have anything left in our heads.


Your hair is the ornamental frame for your face, and whether that frame is short and playful or long and glam inspired, you want it to be healthy. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the labels that offer you strong, sleek, rich, thick, and improved locks.


And while you might have your favorite product to get that special look for the weekend, you might still want that something extra to get to the literal root of it all – something such as the natural benefits of cassia leaf oil.


Cassia Flower Beauty Wellbeing


What is Cassia?


The cassia tree is native to China and grows as tall as 20 meters. The leaves have a leathery feel and support delicate white flowers that produce marble-sized berries. Everything from the bark to the berries is used by people around the world. From medical uses to cosmetics to candy and soda, there seems to be a modern use of this long-used essential oil.


Cassia is also known as Canton cassia, bastard cinnamon, and Chinese cinnamon. The reference to the cinnamon is because Cassia oil has similar properties to traditional cinnamon. The oil has a warm, slightly pungent scent, similar to that of warm cinnamon.


Cassia Oil Beauty Wellbeing

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Cassia Oil


Since ancient times cassia oil has been used to do everything from helping patients reduce blood loss and new mothers produce breast milk; and in more modern examples, people have realized its effectiveness in contributing to keep the scalp healthy and strengthen the hair.


Cassia Oil Stronger Hair Beauty Wellbeing

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Stronger Hair

For the average person, it takes about a month for just one-half an inch of new hair to grow. To strengthen your hair, just mix a couple of drops of Cassia oil to your favorite shampoo (for best results, make sure your shampoo does not already contain cassia oil and use a mild shampoo without a lot of additives).

For additional cassia oil help, try adding it to your conditioner as well. Using this mixture for regular washings can help improve hair growth and repair hair damaged from heat and products.

If you liked this article, learn these quick tips to naturally darken or brighten your hair with Cassia Oil, and its benefits for your skin.



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