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Easy Tips for Healthier Hair & Skin with Cassia Oil

Posted on 14 May 2017

Cassia Oil Benefits - Beauty Wellbeing

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Healthier Skin with Cassia Oil

The oil of Cassia has also been used for centuries to treat skin conditions, so if you are like so many and deal with scalp acne, the benefits can go beyond just stronger hair. To use in this capacity, try mixing a couple of drops of Cassia oil with a drop of orange oil and two milliliters of olive oil, then gently wipe the mixture with a cotton ball over the affected areas.

Taking the healthy hair aspect even a step further, Cassia oil has antiviral and antifungal qualities that can help you treat fungal or viral infections of the skin. Some individuals use it in natural products for preventing and treating cases of head lice instead of applying those harsh delousing chemical shampoos.


Healthier Hair with Cassia Oil Beauty Wellbeing Blog

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Healthier Hair with Cassia Oil

The hair follicles themselves respond positively to this natural ingredient, and as a bonus, your scalp receives additional moisturizing treatment. The Cassia leaf is known for its antibacterial characteristics – a gentle and natural way to clean your hair. You can also use a drop or two of it alone to add a pleasant aroma to your hair. Just rub the drops between your palms and fingers, and then run your hands through your clean hair.



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