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How to Achieve Firmer Breasts Through 4 Natural Remedies

Posted on 20 August 2016



Due to the effects of social media, television and general worldwide advertisement over the last decade, there has been a clear rise in people wanting to look as good as they possibly can and as a knock on effect, beauty and image consciousness has dramatically increased too.

A sizeable amount of women today is insecure about their looks and often the shape, size and firmness of their breasts. Breast lifts are still the most popular course of elective treatment for women and augmentations have even doubled in demand when compared to implants. Lifts are carried out to raise a woman’s breasts by utilizing the excess skin of the area in question. From there, the surrounding tissue area is tightened, and the cleavage is re-shaped.

As popular as this treatment still is, we are now increasingly seeing more and more women each year enter into surgery to only receive bad results. Thousands of women are experiencing negligent practice or surgical complications that cause aesthetic defects. These defects come in the form of damage or scarring to the nipple and where the tissue itself was removed. With all of the horror stories and headline breast implant compensation articles emerging, it is causing more and more women to flock to naturals remedies to cure their insecurities.

What is brilliant is that they are finding that they can achieve the breasts they want without having to enter into surgery. Want to know how? We’ve highlighted the hotly tipped remedies for you below!


Want to know how? We’ve highlighted the hotly tipped remedies for you below!


Fenugreek Mix

How to Achieve Firmer Breasts Through Natural Remedies fenugreek mix

A relic of a remedy, the oil of fenugreek is proven to help the elasticity of breast tissue. The effect of this encourages an enhancement in the overall boob size as it manufactures a synthetic estrogen that boosts growth in the cells of the breast. You need to create a paste like texture by mixing fenugreek with vitamin E oil, yogurt and also egg whites. Once you have the paste, apply the mixture to your breasts for 30 minutes before washing it off. If you do this continuously (every week as recommended), you’ll quickly see its firming effects.


Almond Oil and Aloe Vera Gel

How to Achieve Firmer Breasts Through Natural Remedies Almond Oil & Aloe Vera

If you don’t like the sound of fenugreek, why not try almond or Aloe Vera gel? As simple as massaging the gel or oil into your breasts, they are both clinically proven to improve the circulation in the area, which enables you to firm up your boobs. Aloe Vera is a clever little plant that offers big benefits. Containing amino acids and vitamins, the gel when consistently applied, stimulate breast growth.


Working Out

How to Achieve Firmer Breasts Through Natural Remedies exercise workout

Not so much a quick fix or a unique tip for that matter, however hitting the gym is undeniably one of the best ways to get firmer breasts. Whether you go alone, in a group or attend a class, there are hundreds of exercises that you can perform to bolster up your breasts. All you need to do is activate those pectoral muscles in whatever sport you chose or exercise, and you’ll start to see the results after a few short months. Try to obviously concentrate on the chest area through push-ups, chest presses, and wall ups. By focussing on the chest, you will build the muscle underneath your breasts, giving them a much firmer, lifted look!


Egg Yolk and Cucumber

How to Achieve Firmer Breasts Through Natural Remedies cucumber and egg yolk


Last but not least, have you considered a breast mask? We’ve all used a mask for our faces but did you know that by using an egg and cucumber mix, you can create a mask to reshape your breasts? Cucumber contains natural skin-toning properties while egg yolk is made up of high levels of vitamins and protein that encourage tissue tightening. To create your concoction, blend the cucumber, add a teaspoon of cream or butter, introduce a single eff yolk and then mix. Once you have the paste, apply it to your boobs and leave it to work its magic for 30 minutes. If you remember to do this for once a week, it is a wonderful, organic way to strengthen your breasts and reach that firmer goal you’re seeking!


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