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How to get the feathered brow look

Posted on 16 September 2019

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We’ve all loved the bold and sculpted Instagram eyebrows. And if you are still into that structured brow look, go for it, girl!


But a new trend has been taking the makeup world by storm, and that’s the feathered brow look.


Instead of trying to perfect the lines and arch of your brows, you will be going for a natural look that follows the shape of your eyebrows. This look is perfect for girls who want to make their thin brows look naturally fuller – perfect for everyday wear!

It’s like MLBB lipstick but for your brows!


Here’s how you can get the most luscious feathered brows:

Step 1.

Take a spoolie and brush up the hairs of your eyebrows. You’re doing this to see the natural shape of your brows. It will also help you visualize where you’re going to put the product because you’ll see the sparse areas.

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Step 2.

Take an eyebrow pencil (we recommend the Sisley Phyto Sourcils Perfect Eyebrow Pencil or the Bourjois Sourcil Precision Brow Pencil) and using feather-light (pun-intended) upward strokes, create short lines that mimic your hair. Go from the middle part of your brows and go outwards. Do the front part last and make sure you apply the least amount of pressure there. Your strokes should follow the direction of your natural hair, mostly going over the sparse areas in your brows.


Step 3.

When you’re happy with the volume of your brows, take your spoolie again and blend out the strokes. This will make it more natural.


Step 4.

If you want to take it to another level, you can apply an eyebrow mousse for even bushier brows. The Blinc Eyebrow Mousse is perfect because it fills in sparse areas you might have missed, it tames your brows like a gel, and best of all, it’s water-proof. It ensures you’ll have fluffy brows all day.


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When you have the perfect brows, all that’s left to do is a classic eyeshadow look topped off with a generous coating of your favorite smudge-proof mascara, and your eyes are ready to steal the show!

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