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Injecting Some Fun into a Beach Look

Posted on 13 May 2017

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Hey gals, you are aware that the beach season is upon us, right?

If you are thinking about packing the same old things you do every year, well, think again because it is time to shake things up and step up your beach game.

Even if you love beach for the tanning and countless hours spent in the water, you will have to step on dry land at some point, either to get a drink at the beach bar or go back to your hotel, and your beach attire simply has to be on point. You may be a sworn minimalist, but it is time you shed that monochromatic look; it is summer after all, and you, too, are due for some infusion of color in the beachwear department, so let us hop to it and get whimsical.


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Swimsuits 101

The packing, of course, begins with swimsuits and do not close that suitcase without at least five different ones. You need a variety, choices, if not for practical reasons, then just for fun! Stripes are in full swing this beach season, so if you don’t have a stripy one-piece, do not go on the road without one. As we are finally in the age of body positivity, do not be afraid to flaunt those curves in a gorgeous one piece, and go for amazing plus size swimwear that will accentuate all of your bodaciousness. Boho bikinis are another must, as boho never goes out of style when it comes to fun in the sun. Don’t be afraid to rock some color. So, if you have been eying that turquoise one-piece with the ‘mermaid’ sign – go for it!


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No fabulous beach look can be achieved without a kimono, and here is why. First off, they look gorgeous and give an instant boost to your look, whatever else you are wearing, a great breathable kimono will immediately elevate your outfit. You can opt for long ones as you will not have to wear anything else over your swimsuit, or you can pair it with a sexy pair of denim shorts and be the queen of casual beachwear. They can be floral, boho, minimal, with or without tassels – it all works. If you are more fond of sarongs and you consider them more practical, there are numerous ways to play with them so you are not stuck with the boring ’tied around your waist’ look. You can turn it into a one-shoulder dress, a side slit dress, a jumpsuit or halter dress, and you are ready for the beach bar in a matter of minutes. While we are at the subject of scarfy items, headscarves are a complete must – just think how gorgeous and original you will look (and keep in mind that there will be photos all over Instagram with you flaunting your coolest beach looks).


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A matter of footwear

This is not just a matter of style, it is a matter of protecting your feet from the hot sand. Luckily, the fashion industry has heard our cries, so beach platform sandals are finally back in style. So, let’s take a moment and say amen to that. Metallic sandals are also very in, but you might want to save those for walks around the town (with your stylish sarong). For longer walks, make sure you pack a pair of simple white flat sneakers, they will go great with those denim shorts. And for evenings, make sure you go all tropicana on your feet and grace them with some floral block-heel sandals. Bonus tip: a red dress with this is a killer combination, and make sure you pack a clutch for those classy breezy nights at the beach club.


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Accessorize ’till you drop

Wicker beach bags, neon see-through bags, totes with sailor motifs and prints – you need all of these. Finally, your fun beach look is not complete without heart-shaped glasses made popular by one miss Lana Del Rey, and make sure you have a couple more pairs, just in case. When in doubt, check out Vogue’s list of the hottest sunglasses of the season, and make sure your eyewear game is strong. Now go pack, have fun, and remember – take pics or it didn’t happen!




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