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Pros and Cons of Natural Makeup

Posted on 22 January 2017

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If there’s one thing that’s been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of years, then it’s definitely the benefits of using natural makeup, beauty and cosmetic products in general.


Of course, although there are plenty of those in favour of natural and organic cosmetics, there are those willing to indicate some less beneficial sides of these products.

And because nothing in this world is either black or white and everybody should make these kinds of decisions on their own, we’ve decided to make a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of natural makeup to make it a bit easier for you. And here they are.


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The Pros:

It Nurtures Your Skin – By far, one of the biggest advantages of natural makeup is that it contains healthy and nurturing compounds, essential fatty acids, minerals and nutrient-rich oils which nourish your skin. Every time you apply natural makeup on your skin, you’re making it smoother healthier and more youthful.

It Can Be Used After Different Treatments – Another great benefit of natural cosmetic products is that they can be applied even after undergoing different skin treatments and they won’t damage the skin in any way. Because of their soothing and mild formulas, they are safe to use after facial treatments and cosmetic procedures. Rest assured, you won’t experience any irritations, discolorations, or unpleasant tightness of the skin. 

It’s Available and More Affordable – In the last couple of years, natural makeup has gained a lot of popularity, thus becoming widely available all over the globe. Not only this, but natural and organic cosmetics are quite affordable and sometimes even more affordable than traditional cosmetic products.

It Doesn’t Contain Chemicals – The thing why natural makeup became so popular it’s mostly because it doesn’t contain any chemicals, toxins and harmful compounds that can cause serious health consequences.


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It’s Eco-Friendly – Besides the fact that natural cosmetics don’t harm our health, they’re also globally recognized as being eco-friendly and not causing any pollution or negative effects on our natural surroundings.

It’s Reflective – Because it contains mineral pigments, natural makeup is also praised for its reflective properties, meaning it actually reflects your natural skin color.

It’s Multifaceted – Lastly, natural makeup has many facets, which makes it suitable for all skin types.


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The Cons:

It Doesn’t Last Long – As it doesn’t contain any preservatives, natural makeup tends to wear out after some time, meaning you’ll probably have to readjust it more than once.

It Has a Shorter Expiration Date – Besides not lasting long on the skin, it doesn’t last long in its original package as well. Natural products tend to have a shorter expiration date, which shouldn’t be a problem, given the fact that you’ll probably have to apply it more often.

It offers less variety – Of course, as it doesn’t contain artificial coloring, one of the downsides of natural makeup is that it doesn’t have many different color options you can choose from.

It’s Not Waterproof – Certainly, one of the biggest disadvantages is that natural cosmetics can never be waterproof because it lacks certain compounds and chemicals. So, it would be best to avoid trips to beaches or pools.

It Makes the Skin Oily – Bad news for all girls who naturally have oily skinnatural and organic products are mainly based on essential oils, meaning they can make your skin additionally greasy. Keeping this in mind, it’s smart to always keep a few rice papers at your fingertips.


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In the end, the choice is up to you. Do you like following beauty trends and get excited with numerous new products on the market? Or do you prefer to stick with the natural products that have proven to be effective for you? Less diversity offers less choice, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The bottom line is to find something that truly soothes your skin so don’t be afraid to experiment in the process.


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