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The Fool-Proof Hack to the Perfect Eyeshadow Look

Posted on 02 September 2019

The Fool-Proof Hack to the Perfect Eyeshadow Look | Beauty WellbeingImage Credit


We all see the glitz and glamour of the cut-creases and shimmery eye shadows of models on the runway (or even on Instagram!), and we think – “I want that on me!”

But somehow whenever you try to do a smoky eye, you end up with a mess. It seems far too complicated, and you just want to leave it to the pros.


Well, we’re here to tell you, you can do it!


Here’s a fool-proof hack so you can get the perfect eyeshadow look anytime.


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Prep your lids

Makeup artists usually use eye primers to prep the lids of their models. A simple hack, though, is to make use of your concealers. It does the trick, and it’s probably already on your kit.

You can use the N.V. Perricone M.D. No Concealer Concealer to even smoothen your eyelids with its wand applicator. If you want a cream concealer, you can go for the Cargo Double Agent Concealing Balm Kit. It comes with its own setting powder.

Just dab the concealer at the center of your lid and blend it evenly throughout. This does two things: it makes the colors of your eyeshadow pop, and it ensures it will stay on your lids all day. Lightly dust it with powder to set.


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Master the 3-color eyeshadow palette

Now here’s the fool-proof hack. If you want to have a professional-looking eyeshadow, the secret is to pick three eyeshadow colors of the same color family.

For example, you can use beige, light brown, and dark brown. If you want a more romantic look, try light pink, mauve, and cherry. You can also mix it up by varying the finishes of the eyeshadows. Some may be matte, some glittery.

Even if you’re just using three eyeshadows, you’ll have a variety of textures and dimensions that will elevate your eye look.

For highly pigmented shadows, you can try out TIGI’s High Density Split Eyeshadow. It already gives you two shades with excellent color payoff plus it stays on your lid the whole day. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use a dip-in eye shadow. The Max Factor Max Effect Dip-In Eye Shadow has a wand applicator and liquid formula that gives you intense pigment that’s easy to blend.


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Apply the eyeshadows

For a classic look, brush the lightest color all over your lid and blend it all over your crease. Then focus the application of the medium shade on your lid. You can build on the color until you achieve your desired intensity. Lastly, apply the darkest shade on the outer corner of your eye and the crease.


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Add eyeliner

To add intensity and drama to your eye look, apply a thin line of eyeliner across your lids as close to your lash line as possible. If you’re feeling confident, add a flick at the end to create a cat-eye look. This will bring the whole look together.

One of the go-to eyeliners of every makeup lover is the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner. It gives you the blackest black, and its applicator makes it easy to apply a precise line even for beginners. If you’re used to felt-tip eyeliners, you can use the Bourjois Liner Feutre.


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Finish off with mascara

A professional makeup look will not be complete without coating your lashes with mascara. It opens up your eyes, and it gives the extra oomph to your look! Make sure you use waterproof mascara so it can retain the curls better and it will last you the whole day. You can check out the best smudge-proof mascaras here.


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Do the rest of your makeup routine

Dramatic eyeshadows are usually applied first to make sure fallouts don’t ruin your perfect base. When you’re done painting your lids, wipe out any eyeshadow residue on your face. After your eye look, draw on your brows. You can click here to check out the tricks for perfect eyebrows and high definition.

You can now apply your face makeup.

Use a medium to full coverage foundation to even out your skin tone. We highly recommend the Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup! It has a natural finish that brightens the skin while infusing it with anti-aging serum technology. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always go for Covergirl Clean Normal Skin. It has a shine-free formula that minimizes your pores and smoothens your skin.

Then, apply your favorite concealer to hide your dark circles and blemishes. A cult classic is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighter Concealer. It erases your dark circles while bringing light and radiance to your skin.

Next, set your base with your trusty face powder. The DiorSkin Nude Air Loose Powder has a subtle combination of pearly shimmer and pigments that adds more coverage to your makeup while bringing you an extra shine. It perfectly sets your base, and its light veil finish gives you a natural glow.


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You can then apply your blush. The Balm’s Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush is one of our favorites! Its buildable formula gives you a healthy sun-kissed blush with the perfect satin finish.

Lastly, to complete your look, all you need is the right lipstick to match your look, and you’re good to go! We carry a wide range of popular lip products. Choose the perfect shade for you here.


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