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Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition

Posted on 23 August 2017

Whether you’re an experienced makeup guru or just starting to experiment with foundation, shadows, and liners, you’re most likely well-aware that making your eyebrows appear perfect and just how you like them is beyond tough. Finding the right colors and tones, making one somewhat even with the other, and keeping them nicely groomed and clean are all factors in why creating the perfect brows is one of the most time consuming, intricate, and detailed aspects of makeup application.


Still, there are techniques and products that can aid in allowing your brows to look polished and perfect without spending hours trying to fix them. With that, here are some of the steps you can take to achieve those flawless brows.


Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition | Beauty Wellbeing

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STEP 1: Grooming Your Brows


Keeping your eyebrows neat and clean is important, especially regarding the time aspect of makeup application. The more groomed your eyebrows are naturally, the less amount of time you have to spend trying to work on and fix them with makeup. Now, don’t go plucking your brows until all the hairs are gone; just maintain them by carefully removing those tiny, out of place hairs around your natural brow shape. Remember, your eyebrows don’t need to match each other perfectly, as both sides of your face are bound to be a little different naturally. So, don’t spend too much time trying to shape them to resemble twins; make them look like sisters or even close cousins!


STEP 2: Fill and Shape


There are multiple products you can use to fill in and shape your eyebrows; pencils, pomades, tints, and powders can all provide different, effective results based on your own preferences.


Firstly, when choosing the right brow product, it’s important to remember that, no matter the natural color of your eyebrows, do not pick a darker shade. Applying any color that is too dark will take away any sign of a natural looking brow, so try and choose a color that is either a perfect match or even one that is a little lighter than your natural shade.


Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition | Beauty Wellbeing Blog

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With all types of brow products, it’s vital that you start out with following your brow’s natural shape when filling them in, and then you can move on to working in a higher arch or adding more length and definition. For beginners, using an eyebrow pencil or brow powder tends to be the least time consuming and easiest products to work with.


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Using a sharp, precise pencil can really help you fill in your brows naturally, especially if you draw hair-like strokes one by one. A great option for this is the Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil, which comes with a brush applicator on the end for subtle grooming. With a light hand, filling in your brows can be pretty simple, and using a pencil can result in a more natural, effortless look.


Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition | Beauty Wellbeing Blog


Brow powders come in many different colors, so it’s a great option to use a duo powder set like TIGI’s Brow Sculpting Duo. When using 2 similar shades on your brows, it can add major definition and almost a 3D effect, which is great for over plucked or sparse eyebrows. Powders are usually pretty long lasting, so they are a fantastic option for a longer lasting finish.

Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition | Beauty Wellbeing Blog

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STEP 3: Carve It Out


No matter how experienced you are with filling your eyebrows, it’s a fact that you can’t always achieve perfection with brow products alone. A really simple way to add that neat, defined look to your brows is to touch them up with concealer.


Whether you use a liquid, cream, or gel concealer, make sure it’s the right shade for your natural skin tone. A good concealer option is the Almay Clear Complex Concealer, which is oil-free and can even help heal up acne with its salicylic acid. With an angled or concealer brush, carve out the edges of your eyebrows with your concealer; those slight mistakes from filling in your brows will be less noticeable, and your brows will look a lot more defined, neat, and perfect.


Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition | Beauty Wellbeing Blog

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STEP 4: Light It Up!


If you’re looking for extra definition or giving off the look of a higher arch, highlighting your brow bone, right underneath your eyebrow, will create the kind of effect you’re going for. It’s possible to achieve this effect with a bit of a lighter color than your natural skin tone, as long as it stays in the range of a shade somewhat similar to your skin color. You can highlight your brow with both a matte or shimmer shadow; a matte, less shiny shadow can be well-suited for a more natural, daytime look, while a shimmering, more reflective shadow can really shine during those formal, intimate nighttime events. A great option for a shimmer shadow can be found in the Max Factor Colour Perfection Duo Eye Shadow palette; the lighter shade has the right amount of shimmer, perfect for defining that arch under your brow.


Tricks for Perfect Brows and High Definition | Beauty Wellbeing Blog


Overall, working with your eyebrows can be a challenge, but with the right products, great techniques, and a bit of patience, you can achieve the perfect look you’ve always wanted!



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